Boundary Scene 01


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Fully textured and lit scene including all 3d assets and PG sky HDRi - 1853 and 1714 (included in scene)

Please note that the previews here have a small amount of post work done in Photoshop. See the Boundary Blog for tutorials regarding post porduction.

Scene now provided in Corona (day) in Vray (dusk) NB Corona version also has internal lights setup for dusk in scene.

Included Formats:
3ds Max 2015 + VRay
3ds Max 2012 + VRay
3ds Max 2016 + Corona
3ds Max 2013 + Corona

Suggested Minimum Hardware Configuration:

i7 processor & at least 16gb RAM recommended
A decent graphics card will help with viewport navigation

Required Plugins:
Forest Pack Pro
MultiTexture Map

Scene Tutorials:
Boundary Blog

Design copyright: Henry Goss Architects 2013
Includes various texture maps from, used according to their guidelines

Includes trees from 3DMentor, used with permission
Various textures by BBB3Viz used with permission